How to safeguard the employees in workplace?

When there is fire in the workplace the important thing is all the workers should get out the building as soon as possible. Even though, all the fire disaster emergency techniques are already trained to staffs due to the emergency situation we don’t react on those times. Fire safety training should be given to all the employees in the workplace.

Always check the below criteria’s to avoid the fire accidents in the workplace.
Maintain the electrical equipment as well as circuit in a proper good way
Maintain the housekeeping in a high standard to avoid fire accidents.
Provide proper fire safety training to workers is mandatory.  
Always turn off the electrical equipment and circuits when not in use
Ensure that all the doors and windows are closed when shut down
Prepare equipment’s to prevent a fire accident that usually occurs
Maintain fire extinguishers in a good condition
Should have fire alarms and detectors in the workplace
Also maintain an emergency exit in building that you reside
Also ma…